What is this?

Redminer is a simple Chrome extension that allows you to easily open new issues on redmine, saving the current page url in the issue.


To start using redmine, you should right-click on it after install and set the two values in server and token fields. The first one must be your redmine server, the second one should be your redmine token API. To obtain your token API you must go to your page in your redmine server and "reveal" it.

Step by step details follows. Press images to see them full size.

Step 1

Press right click on redminer icon:

Step 2

Choose "Settings" option:

Step 3

In the following image you can see "your redmine page" example. In this example, url to set in first field ("Redmine Server") is the url from url address (https://tickets.contoso.com):

Step 4

To get token value for next field, we must take a look to the menu on the right side:

Step 5

And press "Show" to copy the value and use it in the next field in settings:

Step 6

Save settings with completed fiedls:

Step 7

Open a new tab and you can left-click on redminer icon to see it working already, loading all your projects:

Privacy policy

Redminer used google analytics to track use (I only want to know how much and how long the extension is used) but now it doesn't store anything from users.